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Occupational Health Care

A wide array of preventative occupational health care services

Occupational Health Care

A wide array of preventative occupational health care services

Let’s prevent future’s health problems now!

A well-being working community benefits us all. We work closely together with your company’s employees to ensure each of them have the best settings for wellness and good work performance.

As our client, your company gets access to services offered by our team of professionals. The team includes a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist and a psychologist who are all specialised in occupational health care. Access to our own labs in Kotka and Hamina is also a part of the package.

We will survey your company and create an occupational health care plan together with you. The plan will help to develop your company’s working environment and the work community. The plan will also be used to plan the health checks. We will give you information and tips on improving and maintaining wellness and working capacity in your company.

Digital services

Our digital services save time and make working together run smoothly

Digitaalisiin palveluihimme kuuluvat:

Our digital services include:

  • Possibility to book an appointment online
  • Online appointments
    • You can have an online appointment with any of our occupational health care professionals. For example, health checks, appointments with a doctor or a nurse, or going through a wellness analysis can all be done online.
  • Extranet and certificates
    • Extranet works as an online communication tool between your company and Kotkan Työterveys. Extranet can be used for example to check sick leave certificates and to update employee information.
  • Work capacity management tool
    • The HealthManager tool for work capacity management helps to follow your employees’ well-being and working capacity. The program helps to adopt certain processes as a part of everyday operations and to follow how they function.

Health care services

Occupational health care professionals near you

On top of preventative occupational health care, we provide you with flexible and professional medical care. Your company’s occupational health care doctor and nurse have an overall perception of your employee’s medical care, sick leaves, and the reasons behind them. The occupational health care team includes also an occupational physiotherapist and an occupational health care psychologist. They all work closely with your company.

We also train your superiors to manage sick leaves and we support the different practises in place in your company.

Our reliable and warm-hearted professionals take care of your employees.

Services for well-being at work

Genuine well-being at work

The well-being of our clients is the most important matter to us. We have worked towards well-being for decades. Our experienced occupational health care professionals are there to support you and your company when needed. We are able to help you in many ways and train you to manage everyday challenges. We offer manager coaching, well-being surveys, work guidance, and organise training and lectures for your company.

Be well with us!

We are a reliable partner that takes care of your company’s well-being, offers researched information and useful services that support your entire work community. We take care of your company year after year!